Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Basics of 'escalation'

This will be probably my shortest post ever!

Every project that you handle - there is an escalation mechanism /  matrix defined.  Many of us either do not use it in the fear of conflict,  some overdo this , and many of us do it wrong!

Escalating a problem at the right time, to the right person with the adequate amount of information is the key for successful projects!

My observation:

  • Excessive escalation can cause stakeholders and sponsors to get numb - hope you remember the 'cry wolf' story :)
  • Not doing it with the fear of conflict is a sign of sheer un-professionalism!!
  • Doing it with a business continuity aspect in mind is what gets praised!

Regarding #how to do it right -

The golden rule is -  "Escalate to the right person who can unblock you!" -  and that person need not have to be a leader.

While DACI  is an effective model for decision-making , role clarity, and communications   - crisis management is a different aspect all together!  

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