Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My First Wedding Anniversary !!

Today October 5th 2010, is my very first wedding anniversary. I still can't quite believe it's been a whole year! Probably sign of a healthy and successful marriage! Ah! someone rightly said in office, probably it is too early to go for this bold declaration!

So, today’s blog post will be short and sweet it will be off the topic but I just want to take this opportunity to greet my lovely wife 'Nandita'. This is true in my case - she has been so caring, supportive all the way even in the time when I have no time to keep my wet towel out to dry, and I see that pleasing confident eyes in her which says “keep doing what you are doing, I am there beside you, and everything will be just fine!”. So my wife deserves all this recognition for being such a wonderful wife, she is my best buddy now. I am very blessed to have you as my wife and couldn’t ask for more I thank GOD for you again.

Yeah during this period I could learn some tricks as well. I felt wives needs a lot of your attention(at all time?!) As someone rightly said - 'you should be taller, older, heavier, uglier, hoarser than your wife' ! Yes, I am paying proper attention to her. And I must say, every husband should.

She also is very sweet. I thought, after marriage( our one was a arranged marriage!) she wont allow me to drink at all. But I somehow accumulated so much of courage one day, that around my 3rd month of marriage, I told her very clearly that - I need to drink at least 1 bottle of beer every week. :-) and yeah, she agreed. I was very confused though, whether she actually wanted me to do so or test , but nay! she actually meant it. That day and today, I never actually dared or felt like to take any more permission as the show must go on. Be your own mentor! Same will happen in tonight's dinner party as well, which begins in a short while from now, no more permission ;-)

Anyway, thanks to everyone who has been wishing me through out the day. Love you all. It really means a lot to me...


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