Sunday, May 30, 2010

Free Online image Manipulation Tools

While trying to give a better look to my website, I always felt I need an easy to use tool, which suffice at least my part, which of course is NOT that complicated, which the existing tools make me feel - whenever i start to work with them. This is probably because -I did not feel at home in with them, since it takes time to master them! Hence I was always constantly looking for something available online, which can better serve my purpose with just a couple of click. And see below, how many of them them is actually available. Easy and that too Free!!!. These tools will enable you to add, manipulate and transform various images, make cartoon and funky looking images and many more. I

The dea here was to make all of them available in one place, so that some novice web thirsty, image crazy lurker saves some time.

RoundPic : This will help you to add rounded corners in you images.
BeFunky: It can help you to give a cartoon look to your images, basically a place of digital Artwork.
GifUP: Online GIF animation tool.
PicBite: A free online tool to host your images, resize them, crop, organize, comment and many more.
ImageReflector: Create customized image reflection.
FotoBabble: Create a Talking Photo
Photo-To-Sketch: Convert Photos To Sketches.
Text-Image: Create cool text images.
Image-Merger: Online Free image merger.
IconsPedia: Free icons.
IconArchive: Tons of icons.
FantasticFace and GrossOut Creating emotions/Fun in a Photo.
InstantMask: Remove backgrounds
Exif-TagRemover: Remove meta-data from your image.

Happy Exploring. Yeah! do come and share below, if you already know some more....


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