Monday, November 19, 2012

-(Sent from my iPhone..from this Galaxy)

Most of the emails I read these days are  -(Sent from their iPhone/Pad..or far Galaxy) . Aiiiich!!

Gone are those days when emails used to end normally and a whole  new trend of adding techno-centric gadget prideful signature has evolved.

Is it true that  the folks who does not yet have OR not preferred to have an iPhone or iPad -  if an email signature through such device has a one such  with such hint depicts a boastful 'prestige'  act. ?

Personally, when I get an email reply on some serious issue from someone which says "Sent from my iPad/iPhone/..far Galaxy" - I sometimes tend to conclude that the person places little value on their time  when it was a very sensitive talk in a case where sender probably expected more responsible response with quality time.   I might be wrong - however  if I try to analyze the rational - two simple possibilities  comes to my mind -  (1) either the sender is prideful and a boaster (2) OR the user has no idea how to change the signature and hasn't even bothered to learn where it comes from.. BUT I am trying to analyze a 3rd  possibility here. Please enlighten me with your comments :-)

 Peoples are busier and timely response is also so very critical. Excluding this set of community,  for the rest it can be their own choice. However we definitely wont get a pay cheque from such giants marketing team :P

With smart phones we should also grow smart and I guess I really know how to remove that signature from my gadget BUT am still using it - reason ? so that people can excuse me for my brevity and typos and purely for a quicker response.  But I still prefer  to respond all my mails with enough detail and adequate data and quality time if it is such sensitive.

Well.. trend has definitly changed.  Often we check mails on the go!! Until otherwise study on behavioral science proves, I believe reading  OR replying an email on a laptop or on a iPhone would affect or change our decisions at all !! 

And most of them so called proudy and douchy folks wont probably ever have a signature - "Sent while on my brand new Lexus" and even if they do - I believe email signature would be such a unfortunate place to do so!

-(Wrote from my good old laptop)
-(!Sent from my iPhone given by my company)

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