Friday, June 8, 2012

Get Your Public External IP From Command Line

Ya this is needed in many such occasion -  like Proxy white-listing / Getting access through 3rd party Firewall / troubleshooting anything on web server specific to your request etc.

On linux Command prompt I would do somethign like this :

[root@DebaTestBox ~]# wget -O - -q 
[root@DebaTestBox ~]# curl
[root@DebaTestBox ~]#

Eventhough there are many such sites(most of them are flooded with ads!!)  - who gives your Outgoing NAT public IP info - I know some lighter once -

Woindows users can simply type any of these above URL in the browser -  not sure - if we can use any cmd like you can do in *NIX console.

PS: Please add to the list if you know more secured one's


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