Thursday, November 25, 2010

Server is Baremetal or VMWare?

Usually you can type one of the following commands to see if the server you are in is VMWare VM.

[root@VM001 ~]# /sbin/lspci | grep -i vmware
00:0f.0 VGA compatible controller: VMware SVGA II Adapter
[root@qypprdestws03 ~]# grep -i vmware /proc/scsi/scsi
Vendor: VMware Model: Virtual disk Rev: 1.0
Vendor: VMware Model: Virtual disk Rev: 1.0
[root@VM001 ~]# dmidecode | grep -A4 "System Information"
System Information
Manufacturer: VMware, Inc.
Product Name: VMware Virtual Platform
Version: None
Serial Number: VMware-50 00 6e c3 df 0c 97 f1-3e 99 9d 8b 66 a0 8e 24
[root@VM001 ~]#


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