Sunday, June 20, 2010

19th June - Happy Father's Day

I forgot to wish my father this year also. And still trying to console my heart saying " what! Every day is a fathers day, the ever lasting respect and utmost care is what matters". Yes! I have that. Its is not the flesh and blood, rather the heart -what it matters. Fathers are often the Unsung Hero's in our lives. So a spacial day honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, is pretty much valid and indeed needed and stands very significant. Probably that's how the idea came up to create a special 'Fathers Day'! Sometimes they rarely ever get their fair share of adulation. This thankless position of the father in the family-the provider for all definitely calls for a Day to celebrate. Wheeee!

Until my college days I was kind of rebel against my father. But later realized, the justification he had, was NOT to discourage me; rather, to introduce and make me aware of this outside world. Now I realize how important was his all-rounded view of life towards making me so 'self-sufficient'. It is the Father, who has to give a direction of life to his children, else mother's over-protectiveness almost sometimes kills the child's budding creative skills. This is a very crucial juncture where, we as a child want our self identity and start thinking independently and the desire to be autonomous intensifies so much. During this period, when the father with his diversified exposure and experience warns us against the odd we feel very suppressive.

I always loved my Father, because he was always so caring and loving for my mother. I think that is the greatest gift a Father can gift his children. Even the poorest man has capability to leave his children with the richest of inheritance. Have not you noticed, as a child -when you received some gift from your father both laughed! BUT when you gifted him something, probably with the first pay check of your career both of you cried. We too cried. Instead of raising investment figures, my father always emphasized investing on us, so that we become capable human being. This generous soul, who possess the wisdom of ages is what a Dad comprises of. The comforting arms at nights when we were kids, and protective nature demonstrating the power of eagles flight, with tremendous wisdom is what we call "Father".

Happy Fathers Day Dad! You Are too Good ! Its your day out - Enjoy! We Love You...

~Debajit Kataki

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