Monday, June 14, 2010

Is Monday Productive?

Its Monday again. My creative juices just aren't flowing at all, crazy alert mails, personal email, fancy commandments, plan for the week, time allocation for upcoming stuff etc. etc. I heard people saying it as 'boring Monday'. But is it really so non-productive or is it the weekend hangover or just a mere mindset!!

I asked some expert friends of mine(in terms of Time Mgt. !!, they do lot of course on the topic). Their advice was to have a "To Do List" on Friday before you leave the office for the weekend. Dude! How can I! I always have fever on Fridays. For me it's a combination of not enough breaks during the working day, eating on the hoof, too much of excitement and long working hours throughout the week is causing Brits to feel burnt out.

For me Monday is the most unproductive day of the week. I feel, Monday - is a day when people are in a general slump and also feel droopy and off schedule due to staying up late on the weekends, and not thrilled about going to work at all. People are unmotivated and tired. Additionally, although you may do housework or run errands or do other tasks that may be considered productive over the weekend, these activities are not a likely choice of action after a hard day's work or a long day of classes on a Monday. On Monday's everyone is still grumpy and sad about being back at work/school or wherever(at least me!).

For me - Thursday is the most productive day. This is the day when people(like me!) realize that they need to tighten their belt, get their act together and do things faster that are due by this week or finish stuff to prevent having to work over the weekend and help them get home on time on Fridays to enjoy the weekend!

Yet another day, in the form of Monday- after writing this much, am feeling a bit better - so let me scan some more emails - Past must die for the future to be born...So 'shout it a bit loud' -Get Set Go!

Wish you all a nice week ahead :-)



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