Monday, May 17, 2010

Humor - DC Migration

This happened in one of my earlier assignment. We use to maintain a white board just in front of our team. Anonymous people used to write some text, either about priority, failed component, modified target date reminder etc. etc. Already hosed of and tired of all these tiresome work, we hardly had any time to peek into those weird collection of texts. Seeing it flooding one of our cool dude team member wrote his comments on why things are moving slow.

Q. on the white board,
It is said that "God Created Earth in 6 days" , then WTF this moving so slow ?

- “Let God be true, and every man a liar.” - But we are not, he mumbled and wrote the mighty points as below,

1. Hope you well understand that , God probably had an unlimited budget which no boss had to approve.
2. It was also NOT needed to be SOX or ISO compliant.
3. I gues, at that time probably NO OSHA was there.
4. Did GOD implemented DR strategy?
5. I am sure he also did NOT care about Change Mgt.
6. He made it Tier-1, which we cant think of only.
7. Did he documented each step, huh!
8. He was NOT overcautious to meet urgency level.
9.God also probably did not think of ROI(Return of Investment) with a most robust and less prone to failures setup.
10. When we don't plan, it doesn't work; We planned - it did not work either, then why should we plan !

Hence we don't have a concrete plan atm. - so be patience and wait up

--Believe me the white board which saw weird peek sometime, suddenly saw so many enthusiastic flock around, and no one dared to wipe this bold(but meaningful) comments of his! which definitely carried a strong msg. to peoples around.

It was just amazing!!!


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