Thursday, April 8, 2010

Why I decided To Write a Blog..

Why I started blogging... Well, this is the ultimate question I get asked when I tell people I started a blog!

I have taken a lot of time to read, study, and listen and research on services operations Domain.I enjoy my job, and I am happy with it. But there are still times when I would find myself blue about not taking a chance at writing? Probably I don't want to repent any further. I always wanted to have a place where I blog about my journey. The day to day life and the challenges I face while trying to move past various obstacles, the way to victory, what did i do wrong to have someone yelling at me, etc. etc. As a student i was very lazy to have my own diary. But when i ask my topper colleagues who maintained it with utmost sincerity, i come to know that either they have stopped it or Don't maintain it any further. Saying so, do i mean, I did the right job NOT to maintain one? Probably NO. Now I am 29 years old, and there is very little of my childhood that I can recall. There are little glimpses of memories here and there, but as soon as I find them, they seem to fade away. But Now i look into blogging a different way!

World is a open one now. Gone are the days of Bill's secret coding and the future is open source. So lets share and learn more. Never forget-even when the questions about who, how, when, and why remain unanswered. Most of the time I am with my laptop and internet, I think blogging will also help me to vent out my anger and frustration as well as excitement. yes I do come across them quite often. When and how, will come in installments in this blog itself.

I even thought to blog in a diff. pen name, thinking if I blogged under my own name I can't be so sarcastic, and I might also feel compelled to actually say what I think instead of playing devil's advocate. But, who cares. I will do it in my real identity. I wont also use much of exclamation sign in my sentence, as doing so, would mean that its not my own thought.

Nevertheless, I Will do my best to keep my high spirit this time, blogging each moment, hoping someday to become a cult entertainer by sharing my technical experience and humorous outlook while approaching a problem. I wont provoke people here even though i know, doing so will pave the way for thoughtful responses and hence enlightenment. Blogging for fun. What a concept! Now where am I going with this? Well, I want to get better, I want to write more for technology, fun, humor - capturing every small little incident with a holistically horrible outlook. Kick me in the virtual butt if I stop or go totally boring. Oh, I know, that is totally not your responsibility. However, when I know that at least one person is reading and at least one person cares, it makes a difference. It makes me want to be a better blogger. A better writer. So just put some words on the comments will keep me in high spirit.

Blogging with pleasure...Happy Blogging.... Do hop, read fast, skip fast, move forward, Akou Ahiba* :-)


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  1. Akou Ahiba(Assamese) = Means, Do Come again.


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