Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hello World!

With every programming language I learned, I wrote a "Hello World!' program as per tradition! Ah! Now a 'Hello World!' blog post. I am not sure how far do i go with this, as my previous 3 blogs did not propel far from the launchpad.
Anyway -This is my first Post - more to come! :-)... Cheers!! One more blog is born.

The idea behind this blog is to increase my breadth of blogging by providing a linux operation centric blog space. Some of these posts will be cross-posts, some of them will be linux specific collations of blogs from all the other various places I post. Basically, this is my knowledge base repository from my work experience. So..Happy Reading ... :-)

Now going forward do i promise something ?Uhh! Yes i guess. I could not succeed in my previous attempts as a blogger! Now if i try to recollect and analyze why was was it so, the only thing comes up in my mind is that, i was very fixed about what i would write. SO, this time - I wont think about or between the subjects of writing, and subject matter. Second- Blog post will be subject to availability of my time and mood. Third - No Guarantee of length or size of any post -depends on mood and diversity of the topic And lastly - SkipFast will be Categorically Not!!

So, what.s your blog URL? lol :D

Anyway Happy Reading ... :-) Fast-Reading. Brake-Fast, Skip-Fast! Run Rabbit Run, Dig the hole, and forget the sun.


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